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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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new at five - a man accused of trying to bribe a juror with thousands of dollars!hamilton county prosecutor joe deters says that man was trying to help a drug offender. offender.9 on your side's rose- ann aragon joins us live outside the hamilton county courthouse with what that man will face. rose-ann? investigators say it was this man's close friend-- was on trial-- and they say he went through extreme lengths to help swing the jury and the evidence in his favor. 33-year-old daryl bullocks is now charged with bribery, obstructing justice and attempting to tamper with
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attempting to bribe a juror's *husband with ten thousands dollars in exchange for his wife's vote in his friend's favor that friend is jamar hamilton - he stood trial last year for a major drug bust -- he was indicted for trafficking 250 grams of heroin, having cocaine, a weapon under disability as well as trying to disguise himself from police --- now bullocks is now facing charges-for jury tampering - not only that-- when questioned by police they say he tried to hit the "erase button. prosecutor deters stated "juries are the foundation of our justice system. i cannot overstate how important it is that juries remain above reproach. deters said the juror did the right thing in telling the courts-- now if this man is convicted of all of the charges he could spend up to 7 and a half years in prison-- reporting live ra 9 oys. new develoments in the madison junior/senior high school shooting... shooting...two students accused of seeing the gun, but not reporting it, did not enter pleas in court today.the
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says the two students knew the suspected shooter, james hancock, had a gun, but didn't tell the school. those students will be back in court in may. four students were hurt in that shooting. a middletown student accused of bringing a gun to school the very same day as the madison school shooting - will have to undergo a psychological exam.the student was arrested at middletown high school - accused of having a gun in his backpack.a teacher at that school was tipped off by another student. playing cards could be the key to solving murder cases.the hamilton county sheriff's office announced a new partnership that could bring justice to families of unsolved murder victims. 9 on your side's john genovese joins us in the newsroom with more. john. these 'cards' will now be sold to inmates at the hamilton county justice center. the key -- we're told -- is simply sparking a conversation. from there -- someone who knows something can come forward. gathering as one--their faces held up by family22:17"my son is john harris - he was carjacked and killed in 2007" each one of these cards--w2
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thompson - he was killed june, 24th 2012 in the car outside his house"in the right hands-- could be the keym1 "my brother in law - eugene cleanness - was killed on july 29th 2003" through a partnership with the 'u can speak for me' victim support group 21:17"as of today - we are here" beginning with a case of 200--packs of cards -- marked with 52 victims of unsolved murders will now be sold at the comissary--spreading through the halls of the hamilton county jail"i wanted to put something in the justice center back in 2009 but the playing cards that were done at the time didn't have any permission"permission ... from families. so 1-by-1... hope dudley worked until these decks were good to go21:31"the dove on the playing card represents peace and love - on the descendent of the holy spirit and it also means messenger" 24:28"conversation is the key - we know that. the conversation starts with these cards"major charmaine mcguffey says by asking inmates to buy these cards--they'll keep them
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care. "this is the right thing to do - this is the right thing to do for the justice center"so many -- waiting for so long. now... a new hope they'll get the answers they deserve22:30"my prayer is that these cards touch the inmates and they come forward with ifnromation to solve these homicides" sheriff jim neil says all the money raised by selling those cards will go straight back to the 'u can speak for me' group... so they can keep printing off more of them. back to you. new information on a deadly shooting in o-t-r. police say a man shot 31-year-old james mixon out of self-defense.the shooter claims mixon was trying to rob him.this happened near the corner of vine and green. so far the shooter is facing no charges - but police are reviewing surveillance video from some o-t-r businesses as part of their investigation. two people are dead in an apparent murder-suicide at a southern indiana factory. witnesses say an employee killed their boss, then committed suicide.this is the seymour engine plant in
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of versailles. the company shut down a plant in columbus - while police investigated if there was a greater threat to employees. the state of kentucky reported its first case of the zika virus. virus.we know the patient is a man who visited central america.he recently returned to the louisville area. kentucky's health department says the man is expected to recover. we're on your side tonight with important reminders about the zika virus.pregnant women, or women trying to become pregnant, should not travel to those infected areas. areas.remember zika can be spread through sexual contact. contact.except in pregnant woman - zika is almost always a very mild illness. a huge boost for ohio governor john kasich - just days before the ohio primary. primary.ohio state university football coach urban meyer endorsed the governor for president today on twitter. they two also posted this video on john kasich's campaign website... 1:33 - 1:42" a true supporter of what you stand for, now that i really know what you stand for. we'd like to tell you we wish you all the best..
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that endorsement comes days before both john kasich and donald trump visit southern ohio.trump will be in dayton saturday and cincinnati on sunday afternoon.kasich will speak saturday morning in sharonville. 9 on your side will be on your side with what the candidates have to say.along with coverage of another republican debate airing tonight at nine on c-n-n.once again - we'll be fact-checking the contenders and what they have to say.see our report on nine on your side at 11. lots of questions today about amazon's website after widespread outages. outages.right now - it seems to be working just fine. hundreds went to twitter today after getting an error message both on the website and on various apps. according to amazon web services - so if you had issues that was the issue- but evrything appears
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a fast food worker attacked on the job! job!all over a coupon!why one customer was so upset - she sent others to tear about the restaurant. students baffled by a gift to a former school president. thousands of dollars given away - after recent budget cuts.nine on your side helps you make sense of this massive gift. the trio we all love to watch is back.t-g-i-t returns tonight.grey's anatomy begins at eight followed by scandal and how to get away with murder.the night continues with nine on your side at
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a woman so upset over a coupon - she sent more women to attack burger king employees. this happened in glendale, wisconsin.employees say the customer was upset she couldn't use more than one coupon. police say she sent these younger women to the restaurant where they threw condiments. one worker says the group attacked her!that attack was not caught by the surveillance camera. :45 - :52"i was on the other in the lobby and the girl pushed past my manager and times in the face." face."police are still looking for those ladies involved in this incident.the store manager says the dispute was over coupons valued at less than two dollars. the public viewing for nancy reagan is drawing thousands of visitors. visitors.members of the public
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respects to the former first lady.her funeral service is being held tomorrow morning. her two children will speak at the service ... held at president reagan's presidential library in simi valley. valley.tomorrow you can see reagan's funeral service live on 9 on your will start at approximately two o'clock eastern time. tomorrow's episode of "general hospital" will be moved to monday. next at five - spending money on gifts instead of education. education.students furious over a payout to a former school president.nine on your side digs into where this monetary gift really came from. banning abortions.a tough new bill will effect women in the tri-state.we'll tell you when abortions won't be allowed - and where this bill stands.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 controversy on campus! people raising questions today about why the *former* president of gateway community & technical college is getting a gift of more than 300-thousand dollars! dollars!this has some people up in arms, especially since funding to the school was recently cut.9 on your sides tony mirones found there's no easy solution to the upset. the news of the foundation giving 348-thousand-dollars to the school's former president has some students angry. now the school is clarifying its relationship with the foundation .brandon wheeler/gctc computer informatino technology student "it seems to me like it's a waste of money, a waste of resources."local student brandon wheeler is studying computer information technology.brandon wheeler/gctc computer informatino technology student "that money needs to be spent on education i don't care if
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college, whoever, if your mission isn't edcation, what's the point."according to the foundation's web page, "it's misssion is to raise funds and awareness for gateway."the foundation's lawyer, james parsons, responded to the 1/3 of a million dollar gift in an email to me."in june 2014, the agreement was to provide a financial incentive beginning in july 2016 to the president if he met certain condiitions, which he has."this all stems from a 2005 incentive agreement that the foundation provide the president with death and retirement benefits. in a statement - the college president, dr. keith bird, pointed out that the college is completely seperate from the foundation."the an arrangement with the foundation. it is not between gateway and dr. hughes or kctcs and dr. hughes."he continued with,"we will continue our mission to expand the region's economy through education that increases the employability and success of our students." dr. keith bird, interim for wheeler, this situation has him considering his options.
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"the only thing i hope happens so far are worth the paper can go somewhere and actually finish my degree."the payments summer and will continue for 10 years to fulfill the agreement.tony mirones 9 on your side, florence according to the article, gateway is at risk of losing it's federal loan program.the spokesperson for the college clerified that it is at a nearly 29-percent default rate and is not in danger of losing federal student they say the students "deserve." fifth-ranked in the nation. tied for its best record in school history.and number two in the big east.tonight the xavier musketeers take on the marquette golden eagles for the team's first tournament game at madison square garden. the muskies sit only behind villanova in the big east. the game is at seven tonight. be sure to watch nine on your side at 11 for all of the
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expect rainfall totals between .75" to 1.5" or more by the end of the day. rainfall from cincinnati and northern kentucky westward. some low-lying and poor drainage areas may experience minor flooding.friday, we'll have an early morning chance of showers. clouds will decrease, and we'll see some sun return
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of the tri-state. state. next at five - a bill limits your reasons for getting an abortion. the controversial regulations - and where the bill stands right now. stressed out!americans feeling the pressure more than ever. we'll tell you the top three sources of your stress. new at 5:30...check your mailbox this week? chipotle is mailing out coupons for free what's the catch? consumer reporter john matarese checks the fine print, so you don't waste your money. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure
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tonight in healthy living - a controversial abortion bill in indiana is on its way to the governor's desk. the indiana house approved the bill which makes it illegal for women to get abortions based on the race or sex of a fetus. it also bans abortions because of a potential disabilities like down syndrome. abortions for professional and personal reasons are still allowed. governor mike pence has not said if he plans on signing the bill. half of what we eat is still junk! junk!the data is pretty clear. nearly 60-percent of americans eat ultra-processed foods loaded with sugar, salt and fat. it helps explain why the majority of americans are obese or overweight. now - most of what we eat should be fresh fruits and vegetables.but that's not the
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650 of our two-thousand calorie-a-day diet. that bad eating is among items stressing us out! out!according to a new study from the american psychological association - we were pretty stressed out in 2015. 24-percent of americans say they were highly stressed last year. that's compared to 18-percent in 2014. no surprise - the top two sources of stress are money and work. but 61-percent say they were stressed because of some sort of discrimination or unfair treatment. stress - is also linked to health problems. much more to come on 9 on your side at 5:30.'s anchor julie dolan with what we're working on. a homeless man walked into a courtroom with a traffic ticket and walked out with something much better. better.we'll show you how this man's effort to do the right thing won the hearts of those ordered to swing the swift arm of the law. and economic boom in one town that really needs it.what's causing businesses to open up shop in madisonville?find out next on nine on you side at
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good evening!a homeless man walks an hour in the rain - determined to do the right thing. thing.little did he know - someone noticed his efforts. now nine on your side's t-j parkers shows us how a little compassion has gone a long way. t.j.: "the north college hill mayors court see a lot of people come through these doors, but never, have the seen someone with such difficult circumstances make such an effort" virgina wagner//clerk: "25:19 i'm proud to work here with the people i work with"it was a typical day of court for clerks virginia wagner and jenny hoeh- *except* for meeting an unconventional man- who showed in an unconventiona l way. virginia: "20:14 i let him know that it'd be better to get here late than not get here at all"the man at the stand in the video- got a traffic ticket last november. he came to court to pay up- but it's how he came to court-
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off. jenny: "20:43 he walked all the way here"the man- walked an hour- in the rain- after he accidentally got off the wrong bus stop. jenny and virginia later found out- the man was also homeless. virginia: "22:00 hes made sure and been here when he was supposed to and thats admirable for someone who's in the circumstances he's in" jenny: "21:04 i was leaving i said if he actually makes it here take money out of our petty cash so he could have a bus ride home, no one ever does that to get to court so we were pretty impressed with him"well, the man made it to court- and virginia took notice. viriginia: "22:22 when they called his name i immediately interjected in the middle of court and said did you really walk here and he said yeah i wanted to make sure the judge knew how much effort this man had put into make sure he was in court when he was suppose to be"the judge- commended him for being responsible and decided to waive the fines and fees for the ticket- and pitched in himself so the man had bus fare to get back to the shelter. jenny: "24:21 he was impressive to me was raining hard he's walking an hour to get herejenny: "24:44 he deserved something he didn't deserve to walk back that's for sure"t.j.: "now


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